How To Manage Multiple WordPress Websites [2016 Update]

Everybody hates to manage multiple WordPress websites. It’s not only upgrading core files or updating themes and plugins. It’s not the user management from one place or adding content easily. The feeling that you can see from a sky high all your websites in one place, makes you feel safe and comfy and with 100% control on your assets.

There are numerous solutions out there so let’s dive in!


1. ManageWP

ManageWP,  is the most well-known WordPress management service online. The main interface is intuitive with all websites listed down the left hand side of the page and an overview section that lets you quickly update plugins and themes, delete post revisions and remove spam comments.



ManageWP core feature:

  • One-click Access
  • Easy Management – Managing your themes and plugins. With one click, all of your plugins and themes will be updated.
  • Effortless Upgrades – with the click of a button, all of your WordPress sites will be upgraded to the latest version.
  • Uptime Monitoring – With premium uptime monitoring tools, you’ll ensure that your WordPress sites will continue to run smoothly. If something does go wrong, you’ll be the first to know
  • Powerful Notifications – Want to be the first to know when there is a theme, plugin, backup, WordPress, or ManageWP update available to you? Enable the notifications, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sites are up to date.
  • Traffic Alerts-Did someone prominent link to you? Has your latest post gone viral? Is your site being attacked by spam bots? With this powerful alerts tool, you’ll be able to monitor traffic spikes.
  • SEO Analysis – powerful SEO analysis tools without the extra costs. Use this information to know where you stand, and use it to improve your search engine rankings.
  • Keyword Rankings – it’s a bit out of original scope, but hey, who cares…ManageWP includes powerful keyword research and ranking tools built right in.
  • Google Analytics – Checking in on your sites’ performance is a breeze with this awesome Google Analytics integration.
  • Reliable Backups & Automated Backup Scheduling – Automate your backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Rapid Deployment – If deploying content and websites to your customers is important, you’ll find ManageWP’s Clone tool indispensable. With it, you have the power to readily create new WordPress sites based off of existing sites.
  • Mass Migrations – Switching web hosts? ManageWP can take all of your WordPress sites from one web host and move them to another, and without all the time and effort that would be required for you to do it yourself.
  • Production-Ready Sites – ManageWP lets you create “template” websites with pre-installed themes and plugins, which can be used again and again for new sites.
  • Content Management – Manage content, links, comments, and spam easily.
  • Bulk Posting – Posting content to multiple websites.
  • Two-factor Authentication

ManageWP pricing

ManageWP pricing is based on two factors – number of sites you’re planning to manage, and features that you need. for that ManageWP 3 plans, based on features, and for each one of them, there’s unlimited no. of websites to manage. The price per website is different for each of the plans, and again, the more sites you have, the cheaper the price gets per website. Tricky but if you know already your scale and needs it takes a second to find the best pricing.

ManageWP has also a super bonus for long time players and  offers 5 months for free (on biennial billing) or 2 months for free for 1 year obligation.  How cool is that!

If you’re a monthly based people, the price per website starts with 0.14$ (simplest plan, one website only) this way:

Standard plan – The monthly price per website varies between 0.14$ (for 500 websites) and 0.8$ (for 5 websites)

Professional plan – The price per website varies between 0.42$ (for 500 websites) and 2.4$ (for 5 websites)

Business plan – The price per website varies between 0.84$ (for 500 websites) and 4.8$ (for 5 websites)

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2. CMS Commander

CMS Commander has super efficient and awesome GUI for sure.


CMS Commander awesome and long features list

  • 1-Click Updates – Install the latest version of WordPress and update all your plugins and themes on any number of blogs with a single click.
  • Bulk Posting – The powerful content editor built into CMS Commander allows you to create new posts or pages on any number of blogs simultaneously.
  • Bulk Install Plugins – Install and activate new plugins or themes on any number of your blogs in one go.
  • Copy Blog Settings – Copy all WordPress options as well as the settings of some of the most popular plugins from one blog to all your other sites.
  • Manage User Accounts – Bulk create new users on multiple WordPress blogs, delete old accounts or edit the details of your blog users.
  • Manage Content & Comments – Easily publish drafts on all your blogs, approve or delete new comments, clear out comment spam on all your sites and more!
  • Automatic Backups – Create full backups of all your sites in regular intervals.
  • Easy Restore
  • Multiple Backup Destinations – CMS Commander can automatically save backups to your server, your email and upload them to FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3.
  • Clone Websites – Clone an entire WordPress blog including all files, settings and content to a new domain.
  • Bulk Content Posting – Use any of the sources to assemble new articles and publish them on any or all of your blogs with CMS Commander’s unique bulk editor.
  • Autoposting & Schedule Content – Create any number of articles and then schedule them on your blogs.
  • Bulk Edit Posts – Edit any number of posts or pages on your blog simultaneously! For example to replace keywords in dozens of published articles, set thumbnail images for posts that have none, insert ads or change affiliate links.
  • Import Content – Load .csv datafeeds, articles from text files or whole RSS feeds into CMS Commander, mix or edit their content, and then post the result to your sites.
  • Insert Ads – Find products for any niche and inject targeted affiliate ads directly into your posts while working on them in our post editor.
  • Monetize Your Posts – Mass edit your articles and insert targeted affiliate links. Or create new categories to showcase affiliate products your visitors might be interested in.
  • Affiliate Network Integrations
  • Backlink Count Tracking – Keep track of the total number of backlinks for all of your sites. Includes detailed stats on dofollow and nofollow links.
  • Uptime & Pagespeed Monitoring – Monitor uptime for all your sites directly in your CMS Commander dashboard. Pagespeed reports show you how fast your sites respond.
  • Google Analytics Network Stats – Connect your Google Analytics account to display traffic statistics directly in your dashboard and get alerted of important changes.
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Malware Scanner – Run malware scans right inside your dashboard to protect your sites and be notified of any threats affecting them.
  • Maintenance Mode – Put any website into and out of maintenance mode with a single click.
  • Custom Branding – White label the CMS Commander plugin description on your sites to hide it from clients.
  • Database Optimization- Optimize the database of all your sites with one click to free up space.

CMS Commander pricing

As before, CMS Commander pricing is also based on two factors – number of sites you’re planning to manage, and features that you need. to make it simpler, there’s only two feature based plans. free which lacks the most of them, and all other paid plans which has all the features. Please note that yearly plan gives you TWO MONTHS FOR FREE. The following pricing is based on monthly billing cycle:

Forever Free plan  – up to 5 sites to manage, but lack of almost all crucial features.

Starter plan – The monthly price per website varies between 1.6$ (for 5 websites) and 0.66$ (for 30 websites)

Business plan – The price per website varies between 0.60$ (for 50 websites) and .37 (for 500 websites)

Both Starter and Business plan pricing depends of how many users on your behalf, needs an access to it.

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3. MainWP

MainWP is a free, self hosted, open source, multiple WordPress sites management tool, supports unlimited websites. Same as InfiniteWP, it’s free but all the extras cost money of course.


MainWP features

  • Easy Management – With the MainWP Dashboard you can instantly review which of your WordPress sites have available updates from one central location.
  • Abandoned Plugins – MainWP checks the last updated status of plugins and themes and alerts you if they have not been updated in a specific amount of time. This gives you insight on if a plugin or theme may have been abandoned by the author so that you can look for a more up to date plugin.
  • One Click Access
  • One Click Upgrades
  • Automated Upgrades
  • Ignore Upgrades – Is there a plugin or theme that you do not want to update for compatibility or other issues? Just tell your MainWP Dashboard to ignore it and it will no longer show in your available updates.
  • Reliable Backups
  • Auto-Backup Scheduling
  • Content Management – The power of MainWP means that publishing content to sites is now as easy as can be. Pick your site from a list, write content, and publish, without the hassles of logging into each and every site. It’s just as easy to manage links, comments, and spam too using our mass publish, delete and spam functions.
  • Bulk Posting – With MainWP, posting content to multiple sites couldn’t be easier. Create the content, select your WordPress sites, and publish.
  • User Management

There are other premium feature you might find interesting. Partial list:

  • Bulk settings manager
  • fuptime monitor
  • Article uploader
  • Biolerplate – which lets you create many template pages like “privacy policy” and manage them as one.
  • Branding
  • Broken link checker
  • Site clone
  • Client reports
  • Code snippets – lets you update files like config.php on all site at once
  • File uploader
  • Comments manager
  • Page speed
  • Article spinner

WPMain Pricing

Basically there’s only one paid plan, so you can choose to pay 30$/month or 200$/year or 400$ for a lifetime! Please note that there’s no trial here.


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4. InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP is a unique tool among the others, by positioning itself as a free-for-life local hosted solution, hence, you can install it on your server to manage all of your WordPress websites, without the need for any “cloud” solution. Free also means that there’s no limit to the number of sites you can manage for free but don’t get confused, It’s not really free, but more of “freemium” –  It has some paid add-ons that you might find necessary.



InfiniteWP features

All these features comes with the basic free package:

  • One Master Login
  • One Click Update
  • Backup and Restore
  • Plugins and Themes

The following feature needs to be purchased separately:

  • Duo security – 2 factor authentication
  • Schedule backups
  • Cloud backup
  • Install/clone wordpress
  • Sucuri malware scanner
  • Manage users
  • Uptime monitor
  • Wp maintenance
  • Client reporting
  • Client plugin branding
  • Wordfence security
  • Publish posts, pages & links
  • Ithemes security
  • Google analytics
  • Manage comments
  • Google page speed
  • Broken link checker
  • File uploader

InfiniteWP Pricing

As mentioned, the base platform is free, but each addon mentioned above cost somewhere between 50$-100$ a year! you can also purchase the complete suite for a discounted price of 400$ for the first year, and the renewal costs 200$. Value for money here can be tricky so analyze your needs carefully before dive in. A self hosted solution has other things to consider as you know.

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5. iThemesSync

One of many products of iThemes. Slim, looks good and gives a good fight.


iThemsSync Features

  • Daily Notification Emails – Get a daily summary of available updates for each site as a helpful reminder to log in and update.
  • Update Logs – View details from all updates made from Sync, including date/time of update, previous version and new version.
  • Hide Updates – If you’ve made customizations to your themes and plugins, an update could overwrite your work. Choose to ignore updates for specific themes and plugins.
  • Install from ZIP – Upload your theme and plugin zips to install directly from the Sync dashboard. No more logging in, uploading and activating on each individual site.
  • Hide Sync from Your Client Sites – To keep your clients or other site users from messing with your Sync authentication or removing the plugin, you can choose to hide or show the plugin in the WordPress dashboard of each site you manage with Sync.
  • Client Dashboard – Control what your clients see in their WordPress dashboard by choosing which navigation items to display. Don’t want them have access to plugins, themes or settings? Simplify their dashboard so they only see what they need — like posts and pages.
  • Run Remote WordPress Backups
  • Manage comments and users
  • Release Lockouts – Using Sync, you can also see the IP addresses for any locked out users. To release lockouts, just click the Release button.
  • Uptime Reporting from One Convenient Dashboard
  • Get Notified When Something Goes Wrong – Know immediately if a site goes down with instant email notifications.
  • Track Response Times from Multiple Global Locations
  • Two-factor authentication


iThemsSync Pricing

You’ll get your first 10 sites for free. Paid plans are annual based and cost 1.7$-2$ for one website for a year.

Visit iThemsSync

6. iControlWP


iControlWP features

  • One control dashbaord
  • instant login Launchpad  – means you can login as any user (not just admin) and bulk login to multiple sites at once.
  • Slice & Dice data – iControlWP will show you the distribution of plugins and themes across all websites. You can manage these assets in bulk – installing, activating, deactivating, uninstalling, updating – as you see necessary.
  • Account and Data Security – All data is encrypted before being stored in iControlWP database. iControlWP accounts come with two-factor authentication and IP address restriction options. This way you may ensure that whomever logs into your account really is who they say they are.
  • Integrated Backup
  • Automatic Restores+Test restored websites – super cool feature of iControlWP
  • User management – iControlWP comes with easy tools letting you add new users, and remove unneeded users from, any WordPress site.
  • Manage comments – iControlWP integrates a simple tool to manage WordPress comments on your sites.
    You can mark comments as approved, unapproved, spam and trash.
  • Databases: Analyse, Optimize, Repair
  • CloudFlare Integration

iControlWP  Pricing

When your  30-day free trial ends,  iControlWP charges ~$3 per website for the cheapest plan (15$/month) and up to 1$ per website for the most expensive plan (50$/month), this way, if you have 50 websites, you should take the pro plan.

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 Missing apps? we know..

With great power comes great responsibility, so platforms with poor documentation, lousy homepage, lack of support, no social media presence, fishy “recommendations” and general feel of we-are-here-for-two-minutes-so-don’t-use-us-if-you-are-serious, were left out.  Sorry.



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